Research Team

This research project is based out of University of California Santa Cruz. The following faculty, staff, and students are affiliated with this research project:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ruth Langridge - Politics Department - Legal Studies Program, University of California Santa Cruz - Curriculum Vitae


Current Collaborators: Dr. Christopher Ansell - University of California, Berkeley; Dr. Tamara Wilson - USGS; Dr. Benjamin Sleeter - USGS, Dr. Paul Selmants - USGS; Dr. James Thorne - University of Californai, Davis; Dr. Karen Chapple - University of California, Berkeley
Former Investigators, Collaborators and Advisors: Dr. Nathan D. Van Schmidt - USGS; Dr. Mark Snyder - Environmental Studies Department, University of California, Santa Cruz; Dr. Lori Flint - USGS; Michelle Stern - USGS; Leonardo Frid; Dr. Ben Crow - Department of Sociology - Interdisciplinary Development Working Group,  University of California Santa Cruz; Dr. Nigel Quinn - University of California Merced / Earth Sciences Division - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Dr. Andrew Fisher - Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences - Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California Santa Cruz; Marcelle E. DuPraw - Center for Collaborative Policy, Sacramento State University
Postdoctoral Scholar: Nathan Van Schmidt
Current and Former Graduate and Undergraduate Students: Hillary Henry - Amanda Fencl - Linda Esteli Mendez Barrientos - Stephen Sepaniak - Kristen Rudestam - Abigail Brown - Esther Conrad - Bruce Daniels - Andrew Racz - Peter Towbin - Blake Hihara - Kimberly Schneider.